Honours Thesis Archive

The senior thesis is the main challenge and reward of your final year in the History Honours program. Students must undertake substantial pieces of independent research on topics of their choice and will receive individual direction from faculty members.

We encourage students to pick a topic in a field in which they are broadly familiar with and have taken classes in. A faculty advisor will help you shape a thesis topic that aligns with your interests, existing knowledge of the field and recommend a Faculty member with similar interests.

Many thanks to the UBC Library for making these honours theses available in cIRcle, UBC’s digital repository for research and teaching materials. Materials in cIRcle are openly accessible to anyone on the web and will be preserved for future generations.

Below is an archive of Honours Theses from students who have graduated from the program. Theses marked with an * are available in the History Office.


Bhana, Kiran.  "India’s Rebellion of 1857 and Ideologies of Masculinity in the Times of India, 1839-1899"

Hodges, Elise. "The Cross-Roads of Gender and Military : A Rethinking of the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) of World War Two"

Prantner, Emma. "Language in Crisis : Der Deutsche Schulverein and German Speakers in the Austro-Hungarian Empire"

Tremp, Tanaya. "Identity, Normality, and Modern German Populism: The Alternative für Deutschland"

Zhou, Huanjun. "Title: Evolutionary Revolution : Sino-British Extraterritoriality Negotiations and the Reconstitution of Chinese Foreign Relations, 1929-1931"


Andre-Peirano, Nathaniel. "The Narcotic Addiction Foundation of British Columbia and the Emergence of a Healthcare System for Illicit Drug Use"

Brillinger, Monty. "Violence, Colonialism and the Battle of Cibecue Creek"

Baines, Thea. "However We Dress, Wherever We Go: WAVAW and Its Role Combatting Violence Against Women in Toronto, 1970s-1980s"

Chau, Wing-Kwan. "Female Specters, Wui Gwai, Historical Consciousness in Hong Kong Cinema: A case study of Rouge, The Reincarnation of Golden Lotus and Dumplings"

Del Bigio, Joseph. "Tracking the Relationship Between Intention and Outcome at Valleyview Hospital"

Dubuc, Geneviève. "Making Guano Happen: The Lobos and Aves Affair, American Foreign Policy, and Merchant Diplomacy in the Mid-Nineteenth Century"

Fairbairn, Lia. "A New Arena of War: Knitting Needles in Action in Great Britain, 1939-1945"

Han, Ben. "The Foolish Monkey Who Moved the Mountains: Socialist Realist Animated Films 1961-64"

Jones, Mark. - Coming Soon

Lyren, Stig. "Swedes in British Columbia: A Community in Transition 1932 - 1945"

Nolin, Sarah. "Can’t See the Forest for the Trees: Reconceiving Environmentalism in Clayoquot Sound, c. 1979"

Quan, Emma. - Coming Soon

Song, Narisa. "Mediating Remembrance: The Anti-Rightist Campaign as Memory, Archive, and History"

Toney, Nick. "Kayak or Computer? Traditionalization, Modernization, and Reconciliation in Kalaallit Nunaat"

Traa, Camryn. "Otter Moments: Perceptions of Sea Otters and the History of Vancouver and British Columbia"

Wilford, Kayla. "Presentism, Politics, and How We Construct the Past: As Told through Three Histories of Onna Kabuki"


Attia, Guillaume A.W. “Alexis de Tocqueville and The Failure of Enlightenment Liberalism, 1789 -1851”

Ayodele-Oja, Temidayo Olayide. “Black Feminists’ Activism Against Sexual Violence: A Critical Study of Three Topical Cases”

Crouch, Zachary. “Atmospheric Spaces of Colonization: The United Fruit Company and Early Wireless, 1904-1925”

Egger, Abigail. “Elgar Variations: 20th Century British Identity Construction Through The Reception History of Edward Elgar”

Goy, Alfred. “Not So Absent Europeans”

Jefferd, Grace M. “Inquiries and Intermediaries: The Men of the Aba Women's War in Colonial Nigeria, 1929-1930”

Kennedy, Amanda. “The U.S. and Military Dictatorships in the Global South: The Struggle for Resources in Brazil, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Indonesia in the 1960s”

Koutsenko, Bogdan. “Russia’s 1992 Voucher Privatization: An Intellectual History”

Li, Chenyang. “Contrition and Emulation: Ambrose’s De apologia prophetae David and Its Carolingian Reception”

Malik, Azmeh Waleed. “Partitioned Time: An Exploration of the Multiplicity of Temporality Produced by the Indian Partition of 1947”

Sandfort-Marchese, Andrew Ronald. “Papers, Please: Broker Battles, Human Rights, and the Illegal Immigration Raids of 1960”

Samson, Bethlehem. “The Evolution of Feminism and Reproductive Rights in the United States, 1960 – 2000”

Shehata, Noha. “Lucasville in Parts: A Historical Analysis of the Lucasville Prison Riot”

Sohail, Alifya. “Finding Hama: Complicating Silence and Erasure in Syria After 1982”

Quach, Aydin Man Chun. “From Chinese Men to Chinese “Boys”: Unearthing Masculinities and Intimate Labour in Colonial Singapore”


Ava-Pointon, Isabelle. “The Indigenous Crimean War: Tlingit, Coast Salish, Kanaka Maoli, and Itelmen Participation in the Pacific Theatre, 1854-1856”

Braun, NicolaTBA

Chan, Kevin. “A Democratic Republic of the Saar? Borderlands and East German Nationalism, 1945-1957

Chui, Bianca Man Yan. “Travel Through Tastebuds and Fingertips in Edo Japan: A Study of Shinpan gofunai ryūkō meibutsu annai_sugoroku

Davelaar, Victoria. “Competing Histories and Palestinian Heritage: The Yasser Arafat Museum and the Palestinian Museum”

Lin, Calvin. “Eunuch Versus Historians – The Impossibility of Writing a True Biography of Ma Tang

Leong, Patrick Wen Rui. “Coded Racism and Community Resistance in the Anti-W5 Movement

Nilson, Edmund. “Trimming the Fringes of their World: The British Maritime Fur Trade and the Expansion of the Western World, 1785-1789”

Osler, Tara Jessie Smyth. “Contextualizing Irish Republicanism in the Era of Global Decolonization”

Richardson, Margaux. “Your Body, but not Your Choice: An Examination of Power Dynamics in 1980s American Fraternities”

Sarliève, Pierre. “The Law of 1905 in Question: Legislative Compromise and the Role of Moderate Catholics in Pacifying the Law

Shelton, Marcel Alain Levell. “An Alchemist Among Angels: Newton and the Politics of Representation, 1688-1800”


Bruno, Peter J. "Imperial Imaginations and Environmental Encounters: Knowledge, Power, and the Construction of Order in Colonial Borneo, 1860-1900"

Chan, Kelly "Following the Ghosts of Postwar Japan: The Female Ghost in Five Japanese Horror Films from the 1950s-1970s"

Cranch, Eva "The Grand-Guignol’s Death-Defying Act: Popular Violent Spectacle during the Fin-De-Siècle and First World War"

Elliot, Elizabeth "Bubonic Plague as a Stage for Emergent Indian Nationalism”

Geisberg, Benjamin "Under African Skies: The South African Communist Party’s Strategies for Liberation in African Communist, 1959-1990"

Kurultay, Necdet Emre "'In the Unbreakable Stream of a Wide, Monolithic Movement': A History of the Turkish Concept of Sovereignty, 1908-1925"

Lee, Beulah "Writing Chinese Canadian Resistance: Expressions of Cultural Hybridity, Identity, and Belonging in the Chinatown News, 1953-66"

Moberg, Laura Alice "Writing Respectability: Gender, Race, and Class in the Travel Journal of Susannah Weynton, 1849-1851"

Poburko, Olena "Sophia Jablonska and Non-Colonial Orientalism: travel writing, gender and construction of identity in the French Empire, 1928-35.”

Tan, Melissa Ying Yu “'Tracing the Lost Footprints of Sarawak': A Study of Malaysian History Through the Memoir of Ong Kee Hui"

White, Abigail "Behind Nation-Building: Anti-Communist Repression in East Kalimantan, 1965-1980"


Ang, Kevin "Externally Internal: Soviet Nationalities Policy and Uyghur Uprisings in Sinkiang (Chinese Turkestan) 1920s-1940s"

Cassinelli, Caroline "'Do You See Me Now?': The Role of Film and Digital Media in the Historical Construction of American Deaf Identity”

Cocking, Olivia "'Under Two Flags': Women's Philanthropy in the American Committee for Devastated France"

Deschamps, Nathan "In Pursuit of Spiritual Harmony: Weimar Classicism and Kleinstaaterei Germany, 1773–1832"

Kahn, Hannah "Lady Margaret Beaufort: The Power of the King’s Mother and the Emergence of the Early Modern State in England"

Louie, Naomi "The 'Death Ship' Normannia, Federal Power in 1892, and Immigration to America in a Time of Cholera"

Macleod, Emma "Between Worlds, Between Times: The Moon Goddess in the Interwar American Mind"

Rigby-Thompson, Mina "Turkey, Diminishing American Power, and the Cyprus Crises of the Cold War: The Ultimate Assertion of Power"

Silver, Rebecca "Do Not Divide the Dead": The Limits of Representations of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union, 1960-1968"

Simpson, Megan "The Right to Participate, The Right to the Truth: Public Inquiries into Indigenous Policy, 1946–1996"

Wilford, Aaron "Practical Pan-Africanism in the Lagos Weekly Record, Nigeria, 1912"


Bennett, Peter"A Contextual Reassessment of Kwame Nkrumah"

Benoy, Elizabeth"Hearts and Mines: Women and Emerging National Identify in Wales during the 1984-85 Miners' Strike"

Cooper, Duncan "The Nature of Banff: Constructing Settler Colonialism along Company and Country Lines, 1880-1940"

Dara, Sabah"Hip-Hop and Resistance: The United States, South Africa, and African Identity"

Evans, Gwyneth"The Historical (Mis)Perceptions of the Thirteenth-Century Beguines"

Forrest, Andrew"1960s Student Radicalism and the Problem of Poverty: Off-Campus Activism to Organize the Unemployed"

Forsyth, Genevieve "In the Contemplation of Ideal Beauty": Fashion, British Femininity and Representations of India, 1789-1820"

Lim, Sheryl"Re-emerging on the International Stage: China's Role in the Creation of the United Nations, c. 1945"

Penner, Cassidy "The Cultural Politics of Edwardian Socialism and The New Age under A.R. Orage, 1907-1915"

Prchal, Jan "The Myth of the Anabasis: the Czecho-Slovak Legionsin in Russia and Czechoslovakia 1914-1928"

Stevens, Joseph"More than just a City's History: Narratives of the Elimination of Indigenous Histories in the Settler-Colonial Objectives of the Historian in Nanaimo, British Columbia" 

Watson, Carmen"Unsettling Kin: Fractured Generations, Indigenous Feminism, and the Politics of Nationhood"

Wong, Daryl"The Glass Fortress of Anglo-China: 1898-1911"


Athwal, Avneet "70 Years of Silence: Memories of the Partition of India and Pakistan" (*)

Hewitt, Liane Marielise "The Consumers-Take-All: The Marginalization of Producer Co-operation in Britain, 1848–1890" (*)

Ho, Lok Yee Caroline "Worldly Wealth: The Financial Services of the Knights Templar" (*)

Kelly, Charles Connor "Forging Imperial Manliness: The Construction of Masculinity at Upper Canada College, 1895–1929" (*)

Khazei, Sepideh "Remembering Constitutionalism and Mossadegh: The Liberation Movement of Iran's Historical Memory" (*)

Phillips, Jack W.  "Playing Soldiers: Child Combatants during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars" (*)

Shaw, Meredith "Eishyshok Embodied, Contained, and Contextualized: Early Representations of the "Holocaust by Bullets"" (*)

Stearman, Stephanie  "Adjusting the Sails: How 18th-Century Salem Women Navigated Life Ashore" (*)

Toor, Amrit "Sexual Assault and the University: Examining Feminist Struggles at UBC (1970–79)" (*)


Bedar, Nemee "The Failure of State-Building in Afghanistan, 1989–1996" (*)

Copping, Natalie "Tourism through Architectural Eyes: British Perceptions of Italian Architecture on the Grand Tour" (*)

Dawson, Maria M.,"Humanity of Hunger: Starvation, Power, and Judaic Tradition in the Lodz Ghetto" (*)

Evans, Arianna "Possa Il Mio Sangue Servire: Epistolary Performance and Continuity from the Prisons of the Italian Resistance" (*)

Ewasiuk, James "Comedy on the Stand: Counterculture and the American Stand-Up" (*)

Gorton, Alice "The Civilized Miner: Gender, Race, and Leisure in Cariboo’s Boomtowns, 1861–1871" (*)

Hunter, Connor Stewart "Warming Trend: Soviet Climate Science and State Policy" (*)

Krawchuk, Erin "Clutched to the Heart: The Schara Tzedeck Memorial and Holocaust Commemoration in Vancouver, B.C." (*)

McClanaghan, Lauren "The Fifteenth Amendment in Flesh and Blood: Black United States Congressmen from 1870 to 1901" (*)

Ng, Matthew Shing Tak "Building Trust amongst Communist Brethren: Examining the Korean War in the Context of Sino-Soviet Relations, 1950–1953" (*)

Yam, Vincent "Showing Canada to Canadians: The National Film Board, World War Two and the Nation’s Identity" (*)


Blatchford, Barrie “Animal Acclimatization in America: The Case Study of the Ring-Necked Pheasant” (*)

Bunton, Robin “Travelogue Hegemonies: The Victorian Construction of Womanhood in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Egypt” (*)

Doyle, Joseph W. “The Other Canadian Content: Canadian Music, Alternative Culture, and Campus Radio, 1980–95” (*)

Fernando, Jason “The Role of Sunyata in the Ethics and Science of Francisco J. Varela” (*)

Garrett, Pilar “A Natural Brilliance: Brazil’s Museu Nacional and the 19th-Century Pursuit of National Consciousness” (*)

Goldowitz, Jacob “Sender, Receiver, and Reader: The Ninth-Century Letter Collections of Einhard, Lupus, and Frothar” (*)

Gooding, Anna “Policing Women: Clubswomen, Policewomen, and Delinquent Girls in Vancouver, 1910–1930” (*)

Grenier, Nigel “Contested Narratives: The Burning of Gitsegukla 1872 from a Gitxsan Perspective” (*)

Hyde, Lauren “An “Ought-World:” Episcopal Aspirations of the Peace of God in Francia, 989–1044” (*)

Knight, Shannon “Footbinding from Flower to Foot: How Missionaries Transformed a Symbol of Pride to Shame” (*)

MacAulay, Alison ““History, Healing, and Hollywood: Social Memoir in Rwandan Cinema”” (*)

Matyszewski, Adam “Dividing Solidarity: Conflict, Leadership and Times in the Solidarity Movement, British Columbia, 1983” (*)

Mohale, Maneo R. “A Dance in the Rain: Race, Resistance and Media in Early Apartheid South Africa” (*)

Murray, Hanna “More than Muscle: Physical Culture and American Health at the Turn of the Century” (*)

Read, Catherine “Feminine Futures: Maternal Authority in the Early Years of The Girl’s Own Paper, 1880–1882” (*)

Ribi, Daniel “Ensnared by the Octopus: Labour, Politics, and the Press in the Great Railroad Strike of 1877” (*)

Salim, Jason “Siapa Saya: Chinese Indonesian Pasts through the Life and Art of FX Harsono” (*)

Willoughby, Robert “Burke, Mill and the Company: An Examination of the Political Influence of Edmund Burke and J.S. Mill on the Justifications for the East India Company’s Rule ” (*)


Dyck, Bruce “From the Bowels of Vancouver: Punk and Vancouver’s Musical Geography,1977–1984” (*)

Eeg, Devin ““The Practical Philosophy of the Men Now in Power”: “Marcus,” Malthus, and Moral Economy in Early Victorian Britain” (*)

Green, Madeline “Unknown”

Kramer, Addison “We Know What Our Children Are Watching: Understanding United States Parent Activism for Improved Children’s Television from 1950 through the 1970s” (*)

Lewis, Benjamin “The Language of British Abolitionism: Evangelicalism and the Middle Class, 1787–1807” (*)

Ma, Connie Wing Y. “Shopping for Something More: Femininity and Fashion Culture in Reform China” (*)

Majumder, Debolina “Spatializing Guerilla Warfare: An Exploration of Naxalite Theory, Strategy, and Practice, 1965–73” (*)

Moore, Lindsey “Contested Historical Terrain: A Consideration of the Settler Narratives of Powell River, 1960–2002” (*)

Park, Ilhoon Ezra “The Power of Perception: The Influence of the Perceived Political Economy on American Foreign Policy in South Korea and South Vietnam during the Eisenhower and Kennedy Administrations from 1960–1963” (*)

Rongavilla, Jordan “The Virtue of Cleanliness: Situating American Hygiene Reforms in the Philippines between 1898–1920” (*)

Vilchez, David “The Formation of the Zainichi Community and Its Modern Identity 1945–1980” (*)


Boswell, Julia C. “Mobility, Automobilisation and the Colonial Body: The Bicycle in India, 1869–1930” (*)

Haas, Stefani “A Tale of Two Cultural Brokers: James Teit, William Beynon and Cultural Brokers in British Columbia” (*)

Keys, Lindsay “An Outpost on the Edge of Chaos: Four Decades of African Corruption and American Imperialism at the Hotel InterContinental Kinshasa” (*)

Kruk, James “Bureaucratic Shogun: The Administrative Structure of the Occupation of Japan and Its Role in Democratizing Reforms” (*)

Lim, Sharon W.Q. “Becoming the Straits Chinese: Active Constructions of Identity in Singapore, 1890–1910s” (*)

Timmermann, Josh “Sharers in the Contemplative Virtue: Julianus Pomerius’s Carolingian Audience” (*)

Trujillo, Maria A. “Transforming Medellin: Erasing the Mafia and the Creation of a New Queen” (*)

Tsundu, Jenny “Writing “Good” Rebels: Representations of American Activist Youth as Burgeoning Internationalists, Purposeful Humanists, and Earnest Non-Conformists in the 1960s Soviet Press” (*)


Compagna, Conrad “Unknown”

Golvin, Ely “Unknown”

Hunter, Montana “From Theresienstadt to Vancouver: The Postwar Fate of Two Holocaust Operas” (*)

Maher, Katharine “The Innuulitsivik Maternity: Inuit Resistance and a New Center of Knowledge Production in the North” (*)

Marsh, Kelly “"The Child First and Always": Philanthropy and the Development of Britain's First Children's Hospital” (*)

Metzger, Johnson “Occult Science and the Science of the Occult: Astral Projection and the Disenchantment of Fin-de-siècle Berlin” (*)

Ritland, Lisa “Interpreting the Landscape: Skwxmwú7mesh Legends, Empire and Colonialism in Vancouver, 1880–1950” (*)

Robertson, Erika “Localizing the Sacred in the Material through Sixteenth-Century Anabaptism Baptism” (*)

Walshe, Arran “Visual Representations of Martyrdom in the Lebanese Civil War: Secularism, Nationalism and Confessionalism, 1975–1990” (*)

Wigdor, Lara “The Prague Spring Invasion, Charter 77 and Literature: How Three American Newspapers Covered Human Rights in Czechoslovakia” (*)

Williams, Gregory “Technologies of Resistance: Handsom Lake and Senece Responses to Land Alienation and Quaker Missions” (*)

Wong, Wilbert “American Missionaries and the Nanking Massacre: A History of Humanitarians, Collaborators and Evangelists” (*)


Ahmadian, Alireza “Dr Syyed Fakhr al-Din Shadman: The Forgotten Modernizer” (*)

Donnelly, Elizabeth “Buying Community: Consumerism in Women's Food Consumption, 1950–1980” (*)

Grguric, Ekatarina “Theater of the Senses: The Sensory Experience of Public Anatomical Discussion during the Italian Renaissance” (*)

Mackenzie, Alanna “From Consumption to Alternative Consumption: Evolving Constructions of Nature in Beautiful British Columbia Magazine” (*)

McCarter, Alexandra “"India can make it!" Tourism and Nation-Building in Early Post-independence India” (*)

Mehes, Laura “The Politics of Pop: Female Pop Stars and the 1980s American Culture Wars” (*)

Parashar, Aneil “Deconstructing the Liberal Consensus: Assessing the Positions Espoused by Senator Robert F. Kennedy on Poverty and Race Relations in the United States” (*)

Penney, James Mark “Sin, Skin and Spectacle: Cultural Hegemony and Photographs of Circus Freaks and Light-Skinned Slaves in Nineteenth-Century America” (*)

Powell, Katie “Mind the View: A Spatial Reading of the Victorian Public Asylum” (*)

Pritchard, Jamie “"Hubbert's Pimple": The Rise, Fall and Re-Emergence of the Hubbert Oil Peak Theory in the United States” (yes )


Ballantyne, Julie “The Power of Professional Medicine: Abortion in Theory and Practice” (*)

Berger, Wes “From Social Evil to Social Oil: Cultural Change and Recreational Drug Use in Vancouver, 1967–1977” (*)

Chiu, Joanna “Modern Girls and New Women in May Fourth Literature: Chinese Leftist Writers' Negotiations with Gender and Revolution” (*)

Davies, Jessica “Presence, Performance and Parity: How White and Indigenous Women Participated in the Development of America's Early National Parks” (*)

Feil-Fraser, Emilie “The Crusade of the Good-Willed” (*)

LeBlanc, Vanessa “Trudeau, How He Haunts Us Still” (*)

Levenstadt, Brent “How the American Credit Card Industry Developed to the Advantage of the Biggest Banks: An In-Depth Examination” (*)

Lewis, David “The Limits of Aggressive Revivalism in Eighteenth-Century Massachusetts: The Congregational Church and the Great Awakening” (*)

Long, Holly “The Shinsengumi in Japanese Visual Culture: The Development of Popular Image” (*)

Zhou, Carson “"No Man Can Argue on His Knees": The Political Power of Queen Victoria through Dismissal of Palmerston” (*)


Bright, Catherine “Ex quibus unus fuit Odorannus: Community and Self in an Eleventh-Century Monastery (Saint Pierre-le-Vif, Sens)” (*)

Dharssi, Alia "Communication, Social Change and the 'War in the Woods': A Study of How the Western Canada Wilderness Committee Shaped the Public's Understanding of the Wilderness"

Havelaar, Robin “The Land of Socialist Creation: Siberia in the Soviet Imagination, 1956–1962” (*)

Hill, Thomas "Norman Mailer's Armies of the Night"

Hudson, Alex “Half Devil and Half Child” (*)

McConnell-Whitford, Alexa "'The whole sistom': Cultural Identity and Justice on Pennsylvania's Frontier."

Portiz, Freeman “The Role of the Press in Shaping a New Middle-East: Egyptian-Israeli Relations from 1977–1979 as Seen through the Headlines/News Articles, Opinion Pieces and Editorials of Three Major Israeli Newspapers: The Jerusalem Post, Yedioth Aharonoth, and Ha'aretz” (*)

Roussin, Della S. “The Premier and the Press: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of British Columbians” (*)

Wang, Chelsea Zi "Thinking Through Sources: History, Texts, and a Newly-Found Letter of Wang Yangming"

Wu, Jim “"Semi-Reformed": Official Western-Academic, and the Individual Recollections and Perceptions of Shanghai, 1976–1989” (*)


Ballan, Mohammad “Fraxinetum: A Glimpse into the Mediterranean World of the Tenth Century?” (*)

Bartel, Calvin “Internal Tension and External Pressure in Diego Valadés' Rhetorica Christiana” (*)

Bell, Andrew “From Debate to Dialogue: Richard Kearney and the Debate about Postmodernism in the Philosophy of History”

Bourne, Sean “Genesis Green: The Roots of Conservation and the Marketing of Electricity at BC Hydro, 1961–1991” (*)

Carter-Gardner, Chelsea “Papal Smear: Remarks on the Conspiracy, Narrative and Emplotment of a Historical Fiction” (*)

Harris, Dustin “Laboratories of Imperialism: Cultural Theory in French African Urban Planning and Architecture” (*)

McFarlane, Julia “The Serpent and the Dragon: China's Ministry of Public Health under Mao, 1949–59” (*)

Molnar, Elizabeth “Selling Postcolonial Dominica: Coups, Klansmen and Crabs” (*)

Morris, Mike “British Columbia's Vietnam War” (*)

Myres, Kristen “A Study of Early Modern Radicalism: Representing the Thought of Gerrard Winstanley” (*)

Neufeld, Lars “Inscrutabile Asiae: Public Health, Semicolonial Biopolitics, and Cholera Epidemics in Shanghai, 1902–1932” (*)

Sciampacone, Amanda “The British Social Body and the Threat of Contamination: Cholera, London and the Press” (*)

Whitaker, Michael “To Work the Peace of the Present: The Origins of the Federal Disaster Relief Policy and the Philosophy of Herbert Hoover” (*)

Wong, Angela “Finding the Sino-Vietnamese: The Historic Process of the Identification of the Sino-Vietnamese in Vancouver” (*)


Carlson, Jodi “Marie Stopes and the Nutritional Benefits of Sex” (*)

Dzanic, Dzavid “The European Revolutions of 1848 in Lower Canada's Political Discourse”

Lao, Tao-Yee “Vladimir Medem and the Dilemmas of "Jewishness" in Imperial Russia, 1836–1903: Generational Change, Geographical Transformation, and the Jewish Question”

Leja, Meg “The Making of Men, not Masters: Right Order and Lay Masculinity according to Dhuoda and Nithard” (*)

Mack, Kelsey Rose “Indirectly Critical: The Treatment of Louis the Pious by Einhard and Paschasius Radbertus”

Mistry, Reina “Eating Empire: Examining the Naturalization of Curry in British Columbia, 1750 to 1850” (*)

Novakovic, Ana “Modernity and Tradition: The Effects of Progress on Portrayals of Native People in the Pacific Northwest” (*)

Paisana, Tony “Saloons and the Mining Frontier: Rediscovering Leadville's Culture from 1877 to 1897” (*)

Pyper, Donald “History, Frontier and System: Recontextualizing the 'Evolution' of Electrical Systems in Thomas Hughes's Networks of Power”

Smith, Kirby “Women and Bodies of Authority in Eighteenth-Century France”

Tan, Vincent “Reclaimed Space: The Resettlement of Boat People in Colonial Hong Kong” (*)

Tse, Justin “Wai, hai mai lam yun lei go? [Hey, are you a man or not?] The Hui Brothers' 1970s Films and What It Meant to Be a Man in Hong Kong, 1974–1978” (*)

Warner, Valerie “The Rise of Written Proof in Land Disputes in England under Henry II” (*)

Wray, Anthony “British Investment in Western Canada, 1890–1914” (*)


Bailey, Ardith “Revolutionizing Africa, Africanizing Cuba: The Idea of Africa in Cuban Discourse, 1959–1976” (*)

Burt, Justin “Mao Zedong and Sino-Soviet Relations, 1935–1960” (*)

Fujimoto, Sohko “The Human Body, Architecture and Urbanism in Fascist Italy” (*)

Gates, Rebecca “Their Finest Hour: Britain 1940. A Study in Metanarrative and History”

Good, Mathew “Discursive Change and Interpretive Structure: The Case of "Benito Cereno"”

Hardjasa, Christina “Chinese Hellebore” (*)

Melling, Nick “Views of a Waning City: English Writing about the Disasters of Antwerp during the Dutch Revolt” (*)

Myers, Adrian “A Matter of Survival: Social Hierarchies and Underground Economies in the Concentration Camps of the Third Reich” (*)

Nanton, Danielle “A Racial Identity at the Edge of Empire: The Emergence and Dissolution of the White Settler Community in Kenya” (*)

Quail, Susanna “Diversity, Consensus and Discourses of the Future in the 1930s Youth Movement in Vancouver” (*)

Reimer, Jonathan “A Light in the Ever Growing Darkness: The History, Historiography and Historical Forgetting of the World Alliance in Germany”

Rocheleau, Natalie-Anne “Indelible Memories: Historical Memory and the 1937 Haitian Massacre in the Dominican Republic” (*)

Sandford, Peter “Sherritt International and Canadian-Cuban Economic Relations, 1966–1989”

Sullivan, Alastair “The Zoot Suit Riots: Media, Violence and Masculinities” (*)

Taylor, Heidi “Un-Framing the Cold War: Photographic Representation of the Soviet Union in Life Magazine, 1953–62”


Bargain-Villeger, Alban “A Political Pardox: Reaction and Dogmatism in the French Communist Party, 1954–1958” (*)

Bottomer, Timothy “Marching a Navy across a Plain: The Efficacy of British Policy towards the Baltic States, 1918–1920” (*)

Carroll, Judith “Spirituality, Desire and Divine Love: British Feminist Culture and the Trajectory to 'Lesbian' Consciousness” (*)

Chan, Stephanie “Telling Positions: SKY Lee, Denise Chong and Wayson Choy in Tusheng Identity, and Being Chinese in a Multicultural Age” (*)

Chernoff, Graham “Retransformation: Changing Orthodox Doukhobor Identity, 1930–1959” (*)

Dingwall, Christopher “Memoir, Memory, Nation: The Production and Reception of U.S. Grant's Personal Memoirs” (*)

Fenger, Maija “The Modern Family Meal: Transitions in Canadian Family Dining in the 1950s” (*)

Lai, Mai-En (Lisa) “A Historiographical Survey of the Significance of John Wycliffe and the Lollards in Relation to the English Reformation” (*)

Lee, Elizabeth “American Exceptionalism: Ideas of American Exceptionalism in the Congressional Debate over the Retention of the Philippine Islands, December 1898 to February 1899”

Mercer, Laura “International Health Policy and Social Capital: The World Health Organization, 1948–1978” (*)

Oldfield, Karine “Was Seattle Different? Housing Discrimination and the African-American Struggle”

Park, Kilim “South Korean Women's Political Participation, 1945–1948” (*)

Schick, Brian “Science, Politics and Industrial Health: The Scientific Credibility of Canada's Campaign against the Environmental Protection Agency's Proposed Ban on Asbestos” (*)

Tattersall, Mason “Encountering Historiography: The Possibility of a Heidegger-Friendly Approach” (*)

Young, Jason “Dissident Intellectuals as the Pace Setters for Revolt and Uprising: East-Central Europe, 1953–1956”


Ardron, Dean “The American Print Media: An Examination of American Print Media Coverage of World War Two” (*)

Blue, Laura “Smallpox in Central Canada in the 1880s: Public Health in the Popular Imagination” (*)

Johnston, Patrick “The Committee on Public Information: Acquiring Consent through Manipulation of the Press” (*)

Mathers, Ginnie “Telling the Story of War: Narrative and the British Home Front of 1940” (*)

Parsons, Chris “White Diseases and the Blackfoot Confederacy: Hunger, Housing and the Epidemiological Environment of Treaty 7 Reserves” (*)

Pezzutto, Amanda “"An Indian through and through": First Nations Women, Activism, and the Indian Act” (*)

Taylor, Katherine J. “Nuremberg's Legacy: The Significance of the Nuremberg Trials for the Development of International Humanitarian Law” (*)

Thoraval, Yannick “Tune in/Drop out: Mass Media, Television and Voter Apathy in the United States” (*)


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