Make the most of the financial resources available to you as a UBC student.

Most of the financial support for both MA and PhD students in the department is in the form of external awards, teaching assistantships, Four Year Fellowships (university-wide awards) and Graduate Support Initiative Awards. The department works to combine these resources in order to offer students competitive funding packages.

PhD students who are admitted to the program can normally expect offers of four years of support, while Masters students can expect up to two years. The department strongly suggests that potential students apply for external funding concurrently with their applications for admission, and will require that they do so once they are enrolled in the program.

Internal Awards

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Studies has many funding opportunities for graduate students in various departments.

External Awards

Canadian applicants are eligible for SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships and Master’s Scholarships.

Essays and Competitions

William G. Black Memorial Prize

$3,000 for the best essay on Canadian citizenship. Please send in submissions prior to May 2021. (only for students without a graduate degree)

Teaching Assistantships

Graduate students have the opportunity to gain teaching experience in their related interest area and earn money for their work.

Supplementary Fellowships

The Department of History and Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies also offer a small number of specialized fellowships each year:

Chinese Railroad Workers’ Commemorative Scholarship

This $1500 award is given annually to a graduate student whose work will make an important contribution to an understanding of multiculturalism in Canada.

Frederic H. Soward Memorial Fellowship 

This $2000 award is presented every second year to a full-time graduate student in history studying international relations.

The Consular Corps of British Columbia Graduate Scholarship in International Relations

This $2500 award is presented every second year to a graduate student pursuing a topic in international relations.

The Native Daughters of B.C. Scholarship

This $1500 award is presented annually to a graduate or undergraduate student in history who is studying B.C. history and conducting research in the provincial archives.

The Conway Travel Scholarship

This $5450 award supports honours and graduate students travelling to Germany as part of their program.

William D. Wray Graduate Scholarship in Japanese Studies

This award supports graduate students from any discipline specializing in Japanese Studies.

For further inquiries on funding opportunities, please contact your student services and your Enrolment Services Advisor.

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