Students in a history program are encouraged to speak with the History advisor if they have questions or concerns about their degree and course requirements.

History Advising

Students who wish to major in history must see the history advisor. Before meeting with the advisor, please fill out the advising form and bring a copy of your most recent unofficial grades. Additionally, you should plan to attend the annual advising meeting for prospective history majors in late March.

Undergraduate Advising

Michael Lanthier

Michael Lanthier, our undergraduate advisor, is available for appointments. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic, all advising will happen over Zoom, online. Apologies for the inconvenience. Please contact them via email to set up an appointment.

Honours Advising

Robert Brain

For advice on topics related to our History Honour's program, please contact Professor Robert Brain at his email above.

Jessica Wang

For queries related to the International Relations portion of our Honours in History with International Relations, please contact Professor Jessica Wang at her email above.

Zoom Recordings

Password: @aT7%Hj.

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Mandatory Advisor Meeting

Sign up to meet with an advisor at the Prospective History Student Meeting in March to plan and approve your program.

Once you have your program approved, you can meet with a History Advisor when you have questions throughout the year. If you are a transfer student or miss the meeting, contact and meet with a History Department Advisor as soon as possible. Advisors are available in person or by telephone during their advising office hours. as well as via email. Telephone the History Department Office (8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday) to find out the name and office number of the advisors and their advising hours, or check the History Department’s website:

History Department Office: Twelfth Floor, Buchanan Tower, Room 1297
Address: 1873 East Mall, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6T 1Z1
Telephone: 604.822.2099 (because of the Coronavirus, the office is operating remotely and will request that you contact us through email)
History Department Website:
Department Head: Prof. John Roosa
Majors Advising: Dr. Michael Lanthier,

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