The major program in the Department of History gives students a thorough grounding in global, local, and regional histories, across a wide range of themes and historical methods.

BA History Program Outcomes

Students pursuing a History major will be able to:

  • Engage in historical inquiry
  • Engage in historical research and analysis
  • Craft written arguments based on primary sources, secondary sources, and historical methodologies
  • Understand and practice historical thinking as engaged citizenship

The combined major in history and philosophy of science is designed for students interested in the nature and development of science, along with its many roles in contemporary society and culture. This major is for those interested in topics such as scientific evidence, scientific explanations, causal inference, scientific communities, science and values, and the evolution of scientific ideas within a social context. It might also be a suitable second major for science students with humanistic interests.

For admission into the history and philosophy of science combined major please speak with the undergraduate program advisor.

History Major Resources

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