The Department of History at the University of British Columbia offers a wealth of opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying the history of China. Our faculty’s strengths range from the earlier empires to the contemporary Sinosphere.

Undergraduate students are able to choose from a wide variety of courses, the themes of which include cover almost every aspect of China’s past and present, including the cultural, social and political history of imperial China; China’s Eurasian, maritime, and global connections; the history of medicine and healing in China; revolutionary China and the impact of Maoism; education and society in China; warfare in China; history of migration; and the history of Chinese communities in Vancouver, Canada and North America.

Our M.A. and Ph.D. programs, both funded, offer comprehensive and in-depth training for students with different career aspirations. Our core courses help students understand the present field (and job market) of history, prepare students with an in-depth understanding of recent historiographical turns, and further strengthen students’ skills in Sinology, digital humanities, and other fields. A wide range of elective courses allow students to further their research.

In addition, our biweekly “clusters” (or reading groups) alternate between discussions of work-in-progress by graduate students/faculty members (China Cluster) and close readings of primary sources (Ming & More).


In the future, this website will post our courses, cluster events, and other updates.

Chinese History Courses

Chinese History Courses