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Leading Through Collaboration: History Major Suyesha Dutta’s experience as Student Directed Seminar co-facilitator

Leading Through Collaboration: History Major Suyesha Dutta’s experience as Student Directed Seminar co-facilitator

  Suyesha Dutta is a student leader. She prides herself in getting involved in the student community at UBC which is evident by her position as the 2019-2020 President of the History Student Association (HSA.) She also took on a role representing the Arts Undergraduate Society in the Alma Mater Society (Student Union) of UBC, […]

Alumni Profile: Connie Chang (BA’07)

Alumni Profile: Connie Chang (BA’07)

“The ability to advocate for my company and the experience we provide to potential clients is very similar to declaring a position in any history discussion or essay I wrote over my years at UBC.” Connie Chang, a 2007 History and English Literature Major, now owns her own digital services and consulting agency called Type […]

Meet UBC History’s New Professor: Kelly McCormick

Meet UBC History’s New Professor: Kelly McCormick

  “I am a historian of the visual and material culture of modern Japan. I write about the politics of photography culture and optical technologies in Japan from the 1930s to the 1970s. “ Prof.  Kelly McCormick joined the UBC History Faculty in January 2020. Get to know her through a short Q&A discussing her […]

Economic History Cluster

Economic history examines the most fundamental forces that have shaped the human past: material production, distribution, and consumption. It studies how the creation and distribution of wealth defined the structures of individual societies, how connections between different societies came to be forged and sustained, and how the modern capitalist world order was established. This new […]

New Media

Recommended if… you wish to work on the cutting-edge of on-demand academic and/or public education, including working with technology to disseminate information and research. This involves creating or utilizing a digital product, such as a website or interactive application, either for your own research or to teach history through online distance education. While each job varies, […]

Documentary Filmmakers

Recommended if… you love film and love to make film. You are visual and wish to tell historical – or any type – of stories through motion picture media. You have creative ideas of how to make and distribute films. Increasingly, new media forms are combining with film to offer audiences a more multimedia experience, so […]


Recommended if… you want to be out in public, telling stories, conveying events, and conducting analysis of what is happening in the present (often in relation to past events). You enjoy intense schedules with tight deadlines and a variety of topics. You don’t mind working long hours, dealing with members of the public (who are regularly […]

Non-Fiction Writers

Recommended if… the events and experiences of the world are at the heart of your interests but you are looking to reach a wider audience than academia. Scholars generally converse with scholars; popular non-fiction enables you to reach any audience that is interested in your topic. Non-fiction writers may engage in any variety of formats – […]

Libraries, Archives, Museums and Historical Sciences

Recommended if… you love working in an institution where the artefacts and documents of the past are held. If you love being in archives, libraries, or museums, and wish to dedicate yourself to the administrative and research tasks associated with these institutions (including working with the public and for their interests) this is an excellent, although […]

School Teachers

Recommended if… you are dedicated to teaching and are most interested in teaching students in primary or secondary school, quite likely in a variety of subjects. Also, this is a great position for those who do not wish to move too far from where they want to live. Requirements… In most Canadian provinces, teachers must first complete […]