Schedule for Medieval & Early Modern Research Cluster Lectures 2019-2020

Schedule of Lectures for 2019-2020


Shahzad Bashir (Brown, Islamic Humanities)

Oct 11

Imagining Time in India: Persian Chroniclers and their Interpreters. Interdisciplinary Histories Research Cluster and MEMRC.

5:00pm-6:30, Choi 120


Erik Kwakkel (UBC ISCHOOL)

Oct 24

Medicine at Monte Cassino: Copying and Disseminating Constantine the African’s Medical Translations.

12:30-2, BuTo 1197


Felipe Valencia Caicedo (UBC, Vancouver School of Economics)

Nov 22

The Mission: Human Capital Transmission, Economic Persistence and Culture in South America.

2-4, BuTo 1197


Margaret Schabas (UBC, PHILOSOPHY)

Jan 16

Before Economics Became the Dismal Science:  Hume on the Rise of Capitalism. MEMRC and STS Event.

5-6:30 – BuTo 1197


Tirtsah Levie Bernfeld (Independent Scholar)

Feb 27

Withdrawn and Secretive: Privacy among Portuguese Jews in Amsterdam’s Golden Age.

12:30-2 – BuTo 1197


Leo Shin (UBC, History & Asian Studies)

Mar 12

How Lies Bind: Genealogies of a “National Hero.”

12:30-2 – BuTo 1197


Luke Clossey (SFU, History)

Apr 2

The Cult of Jesus, the Topology of Time, and the Zen of History.

12:30-2 – BuTo 1197