Congratulations, UBC History Class of 2024!

Message from the Department Head

Congratulations UBC History Class of 2024!

You did it! After many lectures, readings, essays, and exams on which to sharpen your craft, you are now ready to walk across the Chan Centre stage, with historical imagination in every step. Through exploring other times and societies, you have found the ability to connect to distant events and people, and to situate yourself and your generation in history. We in the UBC Department of History salute you.

You remind us time and time again that change is something to embrace, not fear. You began your academic career under less-than-optimal conditions as COVID-19 and its variants wrought havoc on the world as we knew it. Along the way, you learned to remain steadfast in your pursuit of learning, adapting to the changes and challenges that demanded your resolve, flexibility, and imagination. We continue to see these strengths this year as global events reverberated across our campus. Your empathy, sense of social justice, and deep appreciation for evidence-based argument inspire us all.

As you prepare for your next step in pursuit of your goals and ambitions, remember your undergraduate degree is the first step to something much bigger. Your training as a historian unlocked new ways of thinking and opened the door to vast opportunities informed by an understanding of the past. Take a moment to look back on how far you have come and how you got here: by taking one step at a time. Wherever you choose to go, whatever you choose to do, the History Department is ready to cheer you on as you venture beyond UBC to put your mark on the world. 

Thank you for sharing these years of dramatic change with us and making them meaningful. We wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavours.

Dr. Tamara Myers

Professor and Acting Head

UBC Department of History

Below are the names of UBC History’s 2024 graduates, sorted by degree and program. If you know you are graduating but you don’t see your name on this list, do not panic! Email to rectify any errors.

April 2024

Adrian Wawrejko, MA

Thesis: Committee for an Independent Canada and its promotion of Canadian independence in the 1970s

Supervisor: Michel Ducharme

November 2023

Hannah Facknitz, MA

Thesis: City planning for extinction : eugenics, anti-Indigeneity, and the haunted city-organism in North Vancouver, 1903-1940

Supervisor: Paige Raibmon


Calvin Lin, MA

Thesis: Ming maritime governance and the Suppression of Lin Feng

Supervisor: Leo Shin


Lucy Warrington, MA

Thesis: “One notable exception” : how concerns over international and intra-imperial norms shaped Amherst internment camp operations during the First World War

Supervisor: Benjamin Bryce


Jelsing Kaden, PhD

Dissertation: Sovereign futures : Indigenous and settler prophecies in two nineteenth-century American “northwests”

Supervisor: Coll Thrush


Eric Johnson, PhD

Dissertation: The struggle for coexistence : Peter Kropotkin and the social ecology of science in Russia, Europe, and England, 1859-1922

Supervisor: Alexei Kojevnikov


Archa Meelakandan Girija, PhD

Dissertation:  Changing perspectives on Indian Ocean cityscapes : the port city of Calicut in the early modern period

Supervisor: Sebastian Prange


Niping Yan, PhD

Dissertation: Making the Boxer Codex : sixteenth-century book cultures and Sino-Hispanic interactions in the Philippines

Supervisor: Timothy Brook

Kiri Bhana, Honours in History

Thesis: India’s Rebellion of 1857 and Ideologies of Masculinity in the Times of India, 1839-1899

Supervisor: Anne Murphy


Molly Bryan, Honours in History

Thesis: The Challenges of Change: Expanding Diversity at Burnaby Village Museum

Supervisor: Henry Yu


Elise Hodges, Honours in History

Thesis: An Unprecedented Intersection of Gender, Aviation, and Military History: A Rethinking of the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots of World War Two

Supervisor: Joy Dixon


Lauren Howell, Honours in History

Thesis: The Culpability Question: Capital Punishment in Early 20th Century Western Canada

Supervisor: Bradley Miller


Liang-Hsuan (Alan) Mao, Honours in History

Thesis: The Rigid Ship and the Changing Coast: An Examination of the True Briton’s Eastward Journey

Supervisor: Coll Thrush


Camryn Traa, Honours in History

Thesis: Otter Moments: Perceptions of Sea Otters and the History of Vancouver and British Columbia

Supervisor: Tina Loo


Guillaume Attia, Honours in History

Thesis: Alexis de Tocqueville and The Failure of Enlightenment Liberalism, 1789 – 1851

Supervisor: Michael Lanthier


Emily Mann, Honours in History

Thesis: Crimes of the Past, Crimes of the Present: White Liberals and the Early Years of South Africa’s Democracy

Supervisor: David Morton


Nola Boasberg, Honours in History with International Relations

Thesis: The Story of SPOTA: Narrating Chinese Diaspora Activism in Strathcona, 1968-2023

Supervisor: Henry Yu


Emma Prantner, Honours in History with International Relations

Thesis: Language in Crisis: Der Deutsche Schulverein and German Speakers in the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Supervisor: Benjamin Bryce


Huanjun Zhou, Honours in History with International Relations

Thesis: Evolutionary Revolution: Sino-British Extraterritoriality Negotiations and the Reconstitution of Chinese Foreign Relations, 1929-1931

Supervisor: Timothy Cheek


Adam Abraham

Alexa Bancroft

Theo Benedet

Amir Biring

Ainsley Bork

Andrew Cavalli

Corey Chang

Rachel Cheung

Wesley Choi

Shay Chugani

Ross Crumrine

Pius da Silva

Isobelle Davidson

Ben Desharnais

Ben Dixon

Mackenzie Dong

Chris Englezos

Colton Enslen

Bronwyn Ferguson

Camille Garvey

Amber Gaskill

Tova Gaster

Gizel Gedik

Erin Geerlof

Dylan Hamilton

Alex Hewlett-Bowbrick

Brandon Hicks

Ethan Ho

Sten Hoffman

Sage Houston

Kristal Huang

Emily Ison

Angela Jafary

Alancia Jeffery

Arjun Khandelwal

Yon-Jun Kim

Natasha Kruger

Shun Kurasawa

George Lakoumentas

Maria Leon

Weixi Lin

Jason Liu

Paisley McKenzie

Felicity Mellesmoen

Lisa Mishina

Fazeeha Mohammed Manzoor

Veronica Moino

Gustavo Neves

Kalum Ng

Jessica Nonay

Devyn Patrick

Steven Penner

Meaghan Plumridge

Chloe Reimer

Angus Ross

Liam Simmonds

Victoria So

Simran Sohi

India Spriggs

Kai Storms Storms

Natalia Stubbs

Ella-Rose Thomas

Milad Veysmoradi

Fiona Wang

Emily Wang

Leonie Withoeft

Ian Wolf

Jeremy Wong

SiYu Wu

Vivian Wu

Heather Wye

Reiko Xu

Costa Yannakoulias

John Ye

Wesley Yiu

Henry Yong

Sam Aiello

Jack Arends

Martina Atanackovic

Summer Bacon

Roman Bains

Esfahan Bhura

Emmy Bos

Navpreet Boyal

Jessie Chang

Nandita Chawla

Markus Enns

Jackson Farmer

Gary Feng

Chloe Fike

Nick Halme

Spencer Haslam

Joe Latam

Sylvia Liang

Alexandra Liaw

Erik Lyon

Jeremiah Magahis

Kaylan Mah

Amelia Parkin

Mia Sampert

Lea Schelb

Muskan Shukla

Sam Sims

Ruoxi Xu