Celebrating UBC History Class of 2023

Message from the Head

Many congratulations, UBC History Class of 2023! 

Maybe it felt like this day would never come, or maybe your time at UBC flew by so quickly that you scarcely feel like any time has passed at all. Whichever your experience, on behalf of the UBC Department of History, I commend you on completing this stage of your academic career. 

We hope that your studies in History and your time at UBC have given you many opportunities to learn and grow as you followed your passions and intellectual curiosity. Although the pandemic profoundly changed the university experience in dramatic and unforeseen ways, you adapted to this global yet very local firsthand experience and learned to make the most of new ways of doing things. 

Your finely honed historical skills of weighing evidence and questioning existing narratives and inequalities will serve you well in life. Wherever your post-UBC journey takes you, your professors and peers wish you the best and brightest future. There is no question that the world right now is a challenging place in which to build community, and we have learned how essential human connections are to our collective well-being. Whatever your future may hold, you will always find community at UBC History.


Prof. Bonnie Effros  PhD, FRHistS (she, her, hers)
Head of History and Professor

The members of the History Department join together in giving all the best wishes to our 2023 graduating students. Their names are listed below, along with the titles of the honours and MA theses that were completed for these degrees.

Andre-Peirano, Nathaniel

Supervisor: Dr. Bradley Miller

Thesis: The Narcotic Addiction Foundation of British Columbia and the Emergence of a Healthcare System for Illicit Drug Use


Baines, Thea (Honours in History and International Relations)

Supervisor: Dr. Tamara Myers

Thesis: However We Dress, Wherever We Go: WAVAW and Its Role Combatting Violence Against Women in Toronto, 1970s-1980s


Chau, Wing-Kwan

Supervisor: Dr. Joy Dixon

Thesis: Female Specters, Wui Gwai, Historical Consciousness in Hong Kong Cinema: A case study of Rouge, The Reincarnation of Golden Lotus and Dumplings


Del Bigio, Joseph

Supervisor: Dr. Josh Timmermann

Thesis: Tracking the Relationship Between Intention and Outcome at Valleyview Hospital


Dubuc, Geneviève

Supervisor: Dr. Jessica Wang

Thesis: Making Guano Happen: The Lobos and Aves Affair, American Foreign Policy, and Merchant Diplomacy in the Mid-Nineteenth Century


Egger, Abigail

Supervisor: Dr. Courtney Booker

Thesis: Elgar Variations: 20th Century British Identity Construction Through The Reception History of Edward Elgar


Fairbairn, Lia

Supervisor: Dr. Joy Dixon

Thesis: A New Arena of War: Knitting Needles in Action in Great Britain, 1939-1945


Han, Ben

Supervisor: Dr. Timothy Cheek

Thesis: The Foolish Monkey Who Moved the Mountains: Socialist Realist Animated Films 1961-64


Lyren, Stig

Supervisor: Dr. Benjamin Bryce

Thesis: Swedes in British Columbia: A Community in Transition 1932 - 1945


Nolin, Sarah

Supervisor: Dr. Paige Raibmon

Thesis: Can’t See the Forest for the Trees: Reconceiving Environmentalism in Clayoquot Sound, c. 1979


Song, Narisa

Supervisor: Dr. Timothy Cheek

Thesis: Mediating Remembrance: The Anti-Rightist Campaign as Memory, Archive, and History


Toney, Nick (Honours in History and International Relations)

Supervisor: Dr. Coll Thrush

Thesis: Kayak or Computer? Traditionalization, Modernization, and Reconciliation in Kalaallit Nunaat


Traa, Camryn

Supervisor: Dr. Tina Loo

Thesis: Otter Moments: Perceptions of Sea Otters and the History of Vancouver and British Columbia


Wilford, Kayla

Supervisor: Dr. Kelly McCormick

Thesis: Presentism, Politics, and How We Construct the Past: As Told through Three Histories of Onna Kabuki

Arcari, Enzo

Atienza, Shane

Averbach, Justin

Babin, Luc

Bondi, Luke

Campbell, Andrew

Carlson, Neil

Carrusca, Robert

Casol, Sarah

Cheung, Victoria

Cheung, Yuki

Chiu, Donny

Chong, Vincent

D'Souza, Hannah

Dang, Christina

Daudjee, Shahid Daniel

Diamond, Lily

Djohar, Irzadi

Doll, Tessa

Dyson, Jack

East, Jonathan

Elias, Rohit

Forrest, Elizabeth

Gallagher, Payton

Gillies, Brynn

Greenlees, Megan

Hama, Cole

Harvey, Madison

Hegde Borkar, Yash

Hu, Garmen

Huang, Xinling

Huang, Julia

Jastrzebski, Robert

Judge, Carmen

Kaboly-Zadeh, Kevin

Kanaganayagam, Sean

Landayan, Coleen

Lee, Maria

Li, Cynthia

Li, Xinjie

Mahmood, Aimen

Mak, Eleanor

Mak, Lindsay

Marino, Maya

Mathews, Madeline

Moberg, Anna

Mullen, Kolby

Murray, Matilda

Nikola, Maddie

Noteboom, Max

Olson, Annika

Pearson, Shae-Lynn

Poon, Ashley

Ross, Arthur

Sampson, Sarah

Seo, Juyoung

Sparling, Katie

Stevens, Henry

Strangway, Derek

Stubbs, Timothy

Sun, Sunny

Tarek Omar El Sharif, Karem

Tatham, Catherine

Teddy, Madeline

Trudel, Rosie

Tseung, Arthur

Van Wyk, Adrian

Vergara-Weaver, Julian

Wallace, James

Watkins Corrigan, Gabriel

Weng, Nina

Were, Marisa

Williams, David

Wilshire, Kirsten

Wong, Terrilynn

Xie, Deyang

Yamasaki, Arabella

Anstee, David

Chromy, Sebastian

Cowell, Kate

Fung, Brandon

Gilbert, Megan

Guo, Atian Suen

Konsgen, Nessim

Leung, Erin

Macaspac, Tina

Malhotra, Aryan

Miller, Dan

Park, Joon Woo

Parmar, Krishma

Rai, Jahnek

Sugrue, Nicholas

Tam, Ana

Umali, Patricia Denise

Villanueva, Al

Warren, Josh

Yang, Harry

Zhu, Elaine