Celebrating UBC History Class of 2022

Congratulations, UBC History Class of 2022! We hope that by following your passion for the nuances of the past, you have gained a deeper understanding of how to build on the present. The world around us continues to offer many challenges, some new and others far older; your knowledge of history and how to weigh evidence and question existing narratives will help you formulate ways to solve problems, build communities, and address inequalities.

We join together to warmly wish the best to our 2022 graduating students. Their names are listed below, along with the titles of the honours and MA theses and doctoral dissertations that were completed for these degrees. Wherever your journey takes you next in life, know that the UBC Department of History will take pride in your accomplishments.

Mark Werner

Dissertation: "Looking for the Killer: A History of Orca Encounters, 1861-1964"

Supervisor: Dr. Coll Thrush

Temidayo Olayide Ayodele-Oja, Honours in History with International Relations

Thesis: "Black Feminists' Activism Against Sexual Violence: A Critical Study of Three Topical Cases"

Supervisor: Dr. Crystal Webster

Zachary Crouch, Honours in History

Thesis: “Atmospheric Spaces of Colonization: The United Fruit Company and Early Wireless, 1904-1925”

Supervisor: Dr. Jessica Wang

Alfred Goy, Honours in History

Thesis: “Not So Absent Europeans”

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Lanthier

Grace M. Jefferd, Honours in History

Thesis: “Inquiries and Intermediaries: The Men of the Aba Women's War in Colonial Nigeria, 1929-1930”

Supervisor: Dr. David Morton

Amanda Kennedy, Honours in History with International Relations

Thesis: “The U.S. and Military Dictatorships in the Global South: The Struggle for Resources in Brazil, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Indonesia in the 1960s”

Supervisor: Dr. John Roosa

Bogdan Koutsenko, Honours in History with International Relations

Thesis: “Russia's 1992 Voucher Privatization: An Intellectual History”

Supervisor: Dr. Alexei Kojevnikov

Chenyang Li, Honours in History

Thesis: “Contrition and Emulation: Ambrose’s De apologia prophetae David and Its Carolingian Reception”

Supervisor: Dr. Courtney Booker

Azmeh Waleed Malik, Honours in History

Thesis: “Partitioned Time: An Exploration of the Multiplicity of Temporality Produced by the Indian Partition of 1947”

Supervisor: Dr. Bill French

Aydin Man Chun Quach, Honours in History with International Relations

Thesis: “From Chinese Men to Chinese “Boys”: Unearthing Masculinities and Intimate Labour in Colonial Singapore”

Supervisor: Dr. John Roosa

Bethlehem Samson, Honours in History with International Relations

Thesis: “The Evolution of Feminism and Reproductive Rights in the United States, 1960 – 2000”

Supervisor: Dr. Heidi Tworek

Andrew Ronald Sandfort-Marchese, Honours in History

Thesis: “Papers, Please: Broker Battles, Human Rights, and the Illegal Immigration Raids of 1960”

Supervisor: Dr. Tina Loo

Alifya Sohail, Honours in History with International Relations

Thesis: "Finding Hama: Complicating Silence and Erasure in Syria After 1982"

Supervisor: Dr. Pheroze Unwalla

Basheer Amin

Azaan Farid Amiri

Emma Bailey Anderson

Sammi Alyssa Anderson

Hamd Jalal Asif

Harley William Charles Bacon

Sadie Caroline Baird

Reece Bartel

Ajay Singh Bath

Trinity Rose Beckford

Madeline Berube

Sahvin Biring

Amelia Violet Chahley Blair

Mackenzie Mary Boates

Griffin Mathers Botsford

Avery Alyssa Bramadat

Ka Kit Chiam

Bahram Daneshvar

Antonin Henry Decrulle

Emma-Kate Christensen Dolbec

Thomas Dorman

James Robert Edel

Cole Jacob Fairweather

Emma Anne Frankenberger

Jasmin Isobel Ghorbani

Nicholas Francesco Giannone

Winnie Sie Man Ha

Leila Anne Hassan

Aaron Tiber John

Milena Francesca Krondl

Rishabh Kumar

Gabriel Lawrence Lee

Adrien Chi-Chung Li

Jiantian Liu

Josh Ljungström

Ryan Kwai Tim Ma

Cameron Hugh Gardom MacDonald

Semiah Monique Marquard

Parisa Mehregan

Jacqueline Sara Carvalho Melo

Alexander Wayne Morrow

Constance Annie Muradyan

Paul Wilsen Reyes Nitafan

Aidan Jedrek Olley

Harper Louise Petty

Melissa Chi-Ching Poon

Jane Dorothea Procyshyn

Sarai Elizabeth Jamieson Rasmidatta

Diego Salinas De Los Santos

Loubna Serghini

Daisy Eloise Sessions

Maryjane Isabella Sexton

Ragini Sharma

Claire Emily Sutherland

Amar Singh Walia

Jocelyn Nicole Lorraine Wall

Kelsey Wiebe

Abrielle Elizabeth Winsor

Daniel Wu

Edward Yuan

Nan Zhang

Zhiqian Zhang