Colin Green

Dr. Green joined the History department in 2002 and has been lecturing in Chinese, Japanese, and Military history for 17 years, Dr. Green’s current research focuses on the role of the military and militarization in modern China. He has taught HIST 270 China and the West, HIST 376 Modern Japan, HIST 378 Early China, HIST 380 Modern China, HIST 484 East Asian Military Systems – China, HIST 490 seminars on Sages and Statecraft in China and the Japanese Samurai, and HIST 403 seminars on Chinese Foreign Relations in Historical Perspective and Thinking About War: The History of Strategy.

  • modern Chinese history
  • Chinese and East Asian military history
  • comparative martial/warrior cultures
  • world military history and the history of strategy

Course Description
History 403E (201) Seminar in International Relations, Social Memory of International Violence The course examines issues and legacies of colonialism, the Second World War, and the Vietnam War, with a focus on memory studies and oral history in East and Southeast Asia. We will explore how official narratives and vernacular memories of these war experiences have been constructed and interpreted, generating boundaries and ongoing power struggles between so-called perpetrators, victims, heroes, and bystanders during the post-war period.
History 484 (201) East Asian Military Systems HIST 484, 201 has been cancelled for 2019W.

Dr. Green is a contract instructor so UBC does not allow him to supervise Graduate students or students in the History Honours program. As a contract instructor, Dr. Green is unable to provide references for students applying to Law School or Graduate programs. Students requiring academic references should contact regular faculty members for assistance.