Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantships (TA) positions are available to graduate students in the Department of History.  All students who have been accepted into the graduate program will be automatically considered by the graduate committee for Teaching Assistantships; no application is required.

For all other graduate students, the department welcomes TA applications throughout the year. If you would like to be considered for any teaching assistantship positions in the upcoming academic year, please see the “TA Opportunities” link below to view the anticipated TA position list and instructions for submitting a TA application.

Roles and Responsibilities

TA positions are paid jobs and demand a level of professionalism, responsibility and accountability. Typical duties include:

  • Prepare course materials and/or participate in class instruction
  • Lead discussion sections, tutorials and review sections
  • Keep class records
  • Set, mark, and provide feedback on examinations, tests and assignments
  • Hold office hours
  • Invigilate exams and assist instructors to conduct oral exams
  • Manage and maintain a website as well as the learning management system
  • Duplicate materials
  • Order and obtain AV equipment
  • Demonstrate procedures or set up demonstrations
  • Prepare and present a lecture during the term

Pay rates for TAs are determined on the basis of the degree program in which a union member is enrolled, and/or prior degrees earned.

Please refer to the CUPE 2278 website for the current PhD and MA pay rates: https://cupe2278.ca/how-we-help/pay-rates/

TAs spend a maximum of 12 hours per week on average over the academic year. Please note that there are no fee exemptions for Teaching Assistants. All Teaching Assistants must pay the appropriate fees. These fees may be deferred, however, and deducted from the Teaching Assistant stipend.

Every effort is made to assign persons to undergraduate courses which fall into their own field of specialization. There will be no renewals for MA students beyond the second year nor for PhD students beyond the fourth year. Teaching Assistants are represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 2278, and work under a collective agreement.

Please find below a list of anticipated TA positions for the upcoming academic year.  The TA position list is updated by March 31 for anticipated positions in the following September to April period.

Anticipated TA Positions in History for the upcoming academic year 2022-2023:

(Added January.29.2022)

Course Section Credits Term Course Title #TA Positions Instructor(s)
HIST 100 101 3 1 What is History? 0.5 French
HIST 101 101 6 1-2 World History to Oceanic Contact 2.0 Knutson
HIST 102 001 6 1-2 World History 1500 to Twentieth Century 5.0 Murphy
HIST 103 001 6 1-2 World History since 1900 3.0 Lee
HIST 103 002 6 1-2 World History since 1900 3.0 Peterson
HIST 104A 227 3 1 Topics in World History 1.0 Bryce
HIST 105B 201 3 2 Contemporary Global Issues in Historical Perspective 1.0 Unwalla
HIST 106 101 3 1 Global Environmental History 1.0 Glassheim
HIST 107 201 3 2 Global Indigenous Histories 0.5 Thrush
HIST 108 201 3 2 Global History of Capitalism 0.5 Hanser
HIST 201 101 3 1 History Through Photographs 1.0 McCormick
HIST 220A 201 3 2 History of Europe 1.0 Lanthier
HIST 235 101 3 1 History of Canada: Moments that Matter 1.5 Loo
HIST 236 201 3 2 Memory, Representation and Interpretation: Public History in Canada 0.5 Myers
HIST 237A 201 3 2 History of the United States 1.0 Paris
HIST 240 101 3 1 Health, Illness and Medicine (I): Ancient World to Early Modern Period 1.0 Christopoulos
HIST 260 101 3 1 Science and Society in the Contemporary World 0.5 Kojevnikov
HIST 271 101 3 1 Japan and Global History, 1550-1900 0.5 Agov
HIST 279 101 3 1 The Steppe Empires 0.5 Yin
HIST 339 201 3 2 The United States Since 1945: The Limits of Power 0.5 Paris
HIST 352 101 3 1 Modern Middle East 0.5 Unwalla
HIST 369 101 3 1 Europe 1900-1945 0.5 Lanthier
HIST 370 201 3 2 Europe since 1950 0.5 Lanthier
HIST 414 101 3 1 Constitutions in Canadian History 0.5 Miller
HIST 425 001 6 1-2 War and Society 1.0 Fairey
HIST 432 001 6 1-2 International Relations in the Twentieth Century 2.0 Lanthier/Tworek

(Added May.10.2022)

Course Section Credits Term Course Title #TA Positions Instructor(s)
HIST 356 201 3 2 Twentieth Century Germany 0.5 Glassheim

(Added May.25.2022)

Course Section Credits Term Course Title #TA Positions Instructor(s)
HIST 104G 201 3 2 Topics in World History 0.5 Bozanich

(Cancelled TA Positions)

Course Section Credits Term Course Title #TA Positions Instructor(s)
HIST 256 101 3 1 History of Africa 0.5 -
HIST 280 201 3 2 Islamic World History 0.5 -

0.5 = ½ TAship appt. or partial TAship (one term only)

For one term courses (3 cr.):
1.0 TAship positions = Two 0.5 TAship appts.
1.5 TAship positions = Three 0.5 TAship appts.

Section 101 = Term 1
Section 201 = Term 2
Sections 001, 002, etc. = Full Year Course (Term 1 & 2)

Enrollment in Graduate Programme

Assist Instructor with tutorials, grading, teaching, and exam invigilation

1.0 position: 12 hours per week for 8 months (Term 1-2; Sept to Apr)
0.5 position: 12 hours per week for 4 months (Term 1 or Term 2; Sept to Dec or Jan-Apr)


(Wages as of September.1.2021)
1.0 position: GTA 1 = $13,488.40; GTA 2 = $12,979.44
0.5 position: GTA 1 = $6,744.20; GTA 2 = $6,489.72

GTA I – is a graduate student who has completed two (2) years’ service as a graduate student teaching assistant.

GTA II – is a graduate student with less than two (2) years’ service as a graduate student teaching assistant.

Salaries for Teaching Assistants are set by contract with the TA Union CUPE 2278.  Details can be found on the relevant section of the following webpage: UBC Staff Salary Scales (Scroll down to the CUPE 2278 salary scale).

We would be grateful for a response as soon as possible, but no later than April 30th of each year.


Application: (Returning TAs)
Returning TAs must notify the History Graduate Program about their intent to continue as a TA the following year and may express preference from the list of courses above.

Link: Renewing a Teaching Assistantship

Application: (New Applicants)
The department welcomes TAship applications  throughout the year.  If you are interested in any of the above anticipated History TA openings, please send the required TA application documents using the link below.

For reference, the TA application consists of:

  • Statement of Relevant Experience (Required)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) indicating your academic and employment experience (Required)
  • Any Previous Teaching Assistant Evaluations (If applicable)

Link: Submit a New TA Application